Sql Diff Tool

How to do a simple diff between two Microsoft SQL Databases.

SQL Diff


I needed to a simple visual diff of the tables and stored procedures between my development databasea and my live database. I needed it to be a low cost alternative to the $300 or $400 tools out there. So I wrote SQL Diff. It provides a side by side visual view of the changes between two databases.

It doesn’t build the change scripts for you, but will generate a report of all the items that have changed and what sort of scripts need generating. From this point, using the SQL Management Studio that comes with SQL Server is easy to select “Script->As Alter”, or “Script->As Create” to build your change scripts. If any one tries it, let me know. I’d appreciate the feedback.

It will generate an offline copy of the database scheme (in xml) that can be compared with a live database, so you dont need a direct network connection between the two databases.

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